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Castle Bligny

The castle site of Bligny Beaune was aging. For a fine wine producer, this term is rather good news. Not in terms of image. We thank them for trusting us.

Burgundy Wine School

A site in English and French with a lot of visuals. The integration of video clients brings a lot to the understanding of the activity of the school.

The Beaunoise

Eh yes! This is our site! We are young but with a lot of ambition. Trust us!

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The Beaunoise

I am delighted to have thought of LaBeaunoise for the creation of our website. Design, Features, Ease of Use - I love it! I highly recommend LaBeaunoise - a great value!

Cristina Otel

I am delighted to work with LaBeaunoise for my website project.

Bernard Langeblois

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Website hosted in France

Easy Interface

4 pages

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Blog + Social Networks

€ 1000

Website hosted in France

Easy Interface

6 Pages


Blog + accessories + photos +++

€ 2000

Website hosted in France

Easy Interface

12 Pages


Blog + Articles + Pictures + accessories +++++