Creating a website to your image is essential today to make itself known and showcase its skills and activities. You do not need technical knowledge, we will guide you in your choice. In order to create a site, you describe to us your activity and what you want to put forward. Then we offer a structure and functionality tailored to your requirements. What matters to us is that your offers are highlighted on the internet. La Beaunoise, website creation agency, brings you its expertise to achieve a quality result.

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From our first exchange, we will ask you a lot of questions in order to understand your world and assist you in the best way in the realization of your Internet site. We integrate in the digital project the elements that are part of your visual identity. The Logo if you have one (simple or artistic proposals of our graphic collaborators), the choice of colors, the fonts, your images (taking pictures included with all our projects). Your current and future need so that your virtual showcase remains refined and dynamic.

Mini formula 500 euros HT

Formula Plus 1000 euros HT

Luxury formula 2000 euros HT

Description of the Formulas

Each formula is based on a time package.

The Mini Formula assures you: Hosting on servers based in France, creating, installing your site with the WordPress module, The choice of the theme, 4 pages including home included, Blog, social links, backup, support session, video training and photo pack included.

The Formula Plus gives you access to the Mini formula with 6 pages and 2 articles on the Blog

The Luxury Formula offers you the features of the Mini formula with 12 pages, 4 more items.

Our goals can be achieved only through a structure, a plan, in which we must believe with fervor, and on which we must act vigorously. There is no other way to success.


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